Buy Used Cars for Cheap (or Sell Quick) – A Review of Desperate Seller UK

I’ve written before about how your car is a financial liability rather than an asset.

There’s an old saying that “one should buy things that appreciate, and lease things that depreciate.”

In the case of cars, though, there’s an even better option, and that’s to simply buy a used one.

In fact, I’ve bought, sold and driven used cars my whole life.

It’s just a question of where you go pick one up. There’s always been that joke about the used car salesman – a slick-talking type of dubious morals and honesty.

You know, I’m not really a “petrol head”, as they say. Not that into cars in general.

So when I want to buy or sell a used car, I want the process to be as painless as possible.

And I found the right site, eventually.

It’s a site that not only made buying and selling easier, but it also offers a lot to those that are really into cars. Things like tips, and informative articules on cars, vans and all manner of internal-combustion engine-ness.

They’ve also got an app which looks like it could be useful to petrol heads, which is more of a car search. The website was, for me, more useful.

I’ve tried sites like AutoTrader in the past but wasn’t too impressed. But Desperate Seller, a relative newcomer, did the trick. And I’ve used it to both buy and sell.


My experience buying on DesperateSeller

So when I used DS to buy a car – in this instance a nice old Beemer – it was easy.

I just narrowed my search down to 3, then went to see one at a dealers in Middlesex, and he gave me a good discount and it was all pretty straightforward. Done deal.

desperateseller buying a car
And if you find one that you like but is a bit over budget, there is a “watch this car” feature just like with eBay. This enables you to see right away when the price drops.

So overall I found the site to be a very useful tool when looking for a car. They have a great “Value rating” tool which helps you decide if the seller’s asking price is worth it based on the age and mileage of the car. The site also has a great “cheap cars” section where you can find a wide selection of cars under low price brackets (eg cars under £500).

So yes, basically the best place online to get hold of a second hand car.

Which makes it the best place in the UK, end of story.

My experience selling on DesperateSeller

I did try once to sell on AutoTrader but there seemed to be a preponderance of scammers, spammers, agencies and flaky buyers. It was also a bit pricey.

I also tried WeBuyAnyCar but they offered me a pittance so I turned them down.

I didn’t want to spend too much on online advertising so I tried DS’s £29.99 package. This put my ad on over a hundred big name websites. A couple of examples of those websites were the Top Gear one and Fish4Cars.

This was great because, the time before, it had taken ages to sell my car. But they were cheaper and better, even than the print magazines.

The customer service team were helpful in answering my questions, and I sold my car after about 3 weeks – at full price. To a lovely couple from Wolverhampton.

DS don’t publish your email address on their site, which they say is to deter fraudsters and spam, which is fair enough. In fact, I did get an email from a Nigerian gent who contacted me via the website – it’s an internet cliche, isn’t it? – but I reported him to DS and they took care of it.

And of course if someone is a genuine buyer they will just ring on the phone.

I told them the process of adding photos wasn’t that easy, and they said they would be updating it, and they helped me to add 3 additional photos. In fact their customer service team were super nice, and super helpful.


Having said all this it looks like it’s changed somewhat and there’s now 3 main options for selling your car.

desperateseller selling your car
So I guess they’ve streamlined their selling process a bit of late. Let’s see how that goes.

But in general I’m sure it’s much the same. I didn’t get any of the usual hassle of all those time wasters calling up and flaking out or trying to get it for pennies.

They’ve got a live help service, which is very helpful. If I had to nit-pick, I suppose they could be available 24 hours a day rather than 7-7, but hey.


DesperateSeller is what I used to buy and sell my used cars – ’nuff said.

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  1. Hi and thanks for this review. I buy and sell car sometimes on the side and I am always looking for a good website. I will be checking DS out and the £29.99 is not bad either for an ad package. Do they charge a fee for use of all the tools and apps? Thanks in advance for your reply.


    • Hi Carl, thanks for dropping by.
      Buying and selling cars can certainly be a good gig if you know what you’re doing. There’s no hidden fees with Desperate Seller UK, it’s pretty straightforward and, in my opinion, the best way to get your car in front of lots of eyeballs, or to get your eyeballs on lots of well-priced automobiles – including vans, by the way.
      Cheers, all the best

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